Kim Jung Chul Award

Kim Jung Chul Award was established in 2011 with funds donated by the late architect Kim Jung Chul to honor individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of architectural culture across various fields related to architecture. Grounded in his philosophy of embracing diverse perspectives within architecture, respecting a wide array of stakeholders, and nurturing the next generation, this award serves as a token of appreciation for those fostering the evolution and enrichment of contemporary architectural culture, facilitating dialogue between architecture and society, and broadening the horizons of architectural culture. Our objective is to acknowledge their invaluable contributions to the architectural community and to extend our support for their future endeavors.


  • Recipients are primarily chosen from the dynamic intermediate groups currently involved in the realm of architectural culture.
  • Their endeavors span a wide spectrum, including architectural projects, urban planning, media engagement, policy advocacy, exhibitions, educational initiatives, critical discourse, research endeavors, and publications.
  • Traditional architectural practices, such as architectural design, are not within the purview of this award.
  • Selection criteria focus not only on past accomplishments but also on the potential for future contributions.
  • Both individuals and organizations are eligible for consideration for this award.

Previous Awardees

(2022) Historical and current editorial team of the SPACE Magazine

(2020) Kwang-hyun Kim (Emeritus professor, Seoul National University)