We are committed to discussing, archiving, learning, and collaborating in architecture to foster a mature architectural culture in Korea. We are committed to discussing, archiving, and learning architecture to form a discourse, and to establish the socio-cultural aspects of architecture.

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Forum & Forum forumnforum.com
We gather and share the thoughts and practices of contemporary architecture, which will lay the groundwork for architectural discourse in our time.
  • Winning Designs: A Follow-Up
  • Multi-unit Housing Research
  • Lifespan Extension of Buildings
  • Emerging Architects
  • Mid-term Review
  • One Man One Book
Architecture Newspaper architecture-newspaper.com
We transcribe, publish, and distribute the experiences and information of the architectural community collected through the forums.
  • Web publishing (current)
  • Books (Issues 20 to 24)
  • Quarterly newspapers (Issues 1 to 19)
  • Catalogs (exhibitions and events)
  • Special books
  • Data Collection
  • Collaborative Publising
Architecture School archschool.org
We aim to foster better community citizens through age-specific education with the motto of ‘Learning through architecture’.
  • Course for Preschoolers 
  • Course for Elementary School Students
  • Course for Adolescents
  • Course for Prospective Teachers 
  • Educational Content Design Workshop
  • Public Lecture on Architecture
Off-Architecture Department off-architecture.com
We teach and learn about the history, theory, and culture of architecture, which form the basis of the discipline and ecosystem of architecture.
  • Curating Architecture Course
  • Architectural Theory Course
  • Architectural Media Workshop 
  • Modern Architectural History Lecture
  • Architectural Computation Course
Junglim Architecture Awards for Student junglimaward.com
We create a platform for collaborative research that translates the phenomena of society and cities into architectural creativity.
  • 2024 Everybody’s Home: Today’s Architecture for Tomorrow’s Earth
  • 2023 Tailored Sanctuaries, Travels of Diversity
  • 2022 Koreaness Now
  • 2021 Nocturnal Library
  • 2020 Peace Cooperation Era, Vision of the Han River