Architecture Newspaper consistently records the thoughts and voices of various stakeholders in Korean contemporary architecture. Through these efforts, the publication seeks to collaborate more closely with various knowledge producers in the architectural field and to cultivate fertile ground for diverse architectural cultures to flourish, drawing upon the wealth of information and data accumulated online.
In 2021, Architecture Newspaper made the strategic move to web publishing, concentrating on producing and sharing essential information needed to shape architectural discourse. All collected data is made publicly accessible and distributed to ensure that knowledge and information about architecture reach those who require it.


Bridging Forums for Collaborative Documentation

Architecture Newspaper has become a vital component of the discussions in Junglim Foundation’s forums, capturing the debates and ideas shared, and offering a collaborative platform for documentation and journalistic reporting. It functions as a digital archive, essential for distributing “digital information.” Furthermore, Architecture Newspaper stands as a dynamic platform committed to the rapid and consistent production of primary data.

Former Architecture Newspaper

Launched in April 2012, Architecture Newspaper sought to present discussions from within and beyond the field of architecture in an impartial voice. It established itself as a forum for open and interdisciplinary dialogue in architecture, art, and design. Within the architecture field, it facilitated balanced development among practitioners, authorities, and academia, fostering a recognition of the fundamental role of architecture and enabling more people to empathize with the diverse possibilities inherent in architecture. On November 19, 2016, Architecture Newspaper issued its final edition as a free publication. Among the 300 articles published during this period, Urban Issues: Proposals for Living Together in Cities, a compilation of articles on cities and architecture, served as its conclusion. From 2018 to 2020, a transitional phase unfolded as the team reflected on Architecture Newspaper’s next phase and ventured into book publishing.

Archive Collection

  • Architecture Newspaper Issues 25 to present: Records of forum series since 2021
  • Architecture Newspaper Issues 20 to 24: Book format from 2017 to 2020
  • Architecture Newspaper Issues 1 to 19: Quarterly newspapers from 2012 to 2016
  • Exhibition Catalogs: Catalogs of exhibitions and Junglim Architecture Award for Students organized by Junglim Foundation
  • Books: Special books published by Junglim Foundation

+ Calls for Collection

Architecture Newspaper aims to collect, publish, and share important materials related to Korean architecture through its website. It seeks to digitize and make publicly accessible materials that were previously published but are now out of print, discontinued, or inaccessible for various reasons, such as being non-commercial. The team hopes that valuable materials will be shared again through donations and agreements with those holding the copyright, usage rights, or equivalent rights to the publications, ensuring they are not lost.

+ Collaborative Publishing

Architecture Newspaper is open to collaborative publishing proposals aimed at supporting knowledge production in the architecture industry. Proposals for publications aimed at broadening the horizons of architectural culture are welcomed, regardless of their topic, audience, content, or format.