Architecture School is a program dedicated to ‘education through architecture,’ integrating various fields intersecting with architecture such as humanities, engineering, and fine arts. Since its inception in 2012, the school has consistently created project-based architectural education aimed at broadening the understanding of living environments and enhancing comprehensive thinking. In collaboration with a diverse array of partners including K12 Architecture School, Arts Council Korea, and LG Arts Center, it provides specialized classes tailored to different age groups. Through this program, children can develop the skills to interpret their daily lives and think independently, while adolescents and adults can gain insights that lead to better living environments, rooted in a deep understanding of architecture and urban spaces.



  • 2023 Educational Content Design Course Initiated.
  • 2022 Partnership and MOU Signed with LG Arts Center; Educational Kits Developed.
  • 2020 Online Class Platform Launched.
  • 2018 Advanced Course for Elementary Students Introduced.
  • 2017 Courses for Preschoolers and Elementary Students Hosted in Naju.
  • 2014 Course Specialization for Middle and High School Students Implemented.
  • 2013 Comprehensive Age-Specific Course System Finalized.
  • 2012 Preschoolers’ Course, Formerly Known as PachiParty, Established.


Course for Preschoolers

Targeting pre-school children aged 5 - 6, this course emphasizes unfolding spatial imagination into stories. Through collaborations with various artistic disciplines such as dance and design, this program makes architecture accessible and enjoyable for young learners.

Course for Elementary School Students

Designed for elementary school students, this course offers a curriculum that explores architectural fundamentals like scale and structure, as well as various spatial elements surrounding architecture. An advanced course is also available for students with a keen interest in architecture.

Course for Adolescents

This course caters to adolescents (middle and high school students) moving towards diverse life goals, providing an opportunity to explore architecture as a career or academic major. The curriculum is structured to experience the architectural process in collaboration with university students majoring in architecture and professional architects active in the field.

Course for Prospective Teachers

This course equips prospective teachers with the essential attitude, insight into their audience, and practical experience with curriculum content. To participate in this course, applicants must submit an application form and attend an in-person interview to be recruited as prospective teachers. Recruitment schedules are announced periodically on social media, and application forms are accessible on the Architecture School website during specified periods.

Educational Content Design Workshop

This course offers an opportunity to experience the process of creating classes at Architecture School. Combining theoretical lessons that provide the foundation for class planning and intensive small-group workshops, participants will develop a class based on their interests from start to finish.

Public Lecture on Architecture

Architecture School has consistently conducted friendly lecture programs for the general public. Diverse lectures at Architecture School are designed to match the level of architectural enthusiasts, featuring stories about architecture and architects.