Community Housing

We are conducting viable projects and research for collaboration and coexistence within local communities. Tongui-dong House and Yongdu-dong House aim not only to establish new forms of residential communities but also to serve as mediators for collaborative community efforts in the area. Through programs such as libraries, forums, shared office spaces, and local educational initiatives, we strive to foster a cooperative community environment.

Tongui-dong House

Tongui-dong House embodies the concept of living alone yet together. It offers a new balance between private spaces dedicated solely to individuals and shared spaces that bring joy from being together. Enjoying the luxury of space at a reasonable cost brings more delight in the dense use of property than in mere ownership. Within this loosely formed community, spontaneous events and collaborations naturally emerge, encapsulating the essence of living alone yet together at Tongui-dong House. Tongui-dong House enhances the physical completeness of the home to utilize resources richly and efficiently. It provides management and operational services to minimize the potential negatives of living with others, ensuring a fresher and more sustainable living space.

  • Location: 19, Jahamun-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (Tongui-dong)
  • 1st Floor: Junglim Architecture Culture Foundation Office and Lounge
  • 2nd Floor: Private Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 3rd Floor: Private Rooms 5, 6, 7
  • Basement: Shared Kitchen and Dining Area


Basic Amenities

  • Shared: Drum washing machine, electric dryer, large refrigerator in the kitchen, small refrigerators on each floor, 3-burner gas range, microwave, rice cooker, lightwave steam oven, air fryer, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Private: Bed, built-in wardrobe, desk, chair, lighting, air conditioning, etc.



  • Deposit: 2,000,000 KRW
  • Rent: Refer to the table below
  • Fixed Management Fee: 40,000 KRW
  • Gas, Electricity, and Water Bills: Separate (1/N, average monthly utility cost about 30,000 ~ 40,000 KRW per person)
RoomExclusive AreaLeased Area*Price (Rent)Occupancy Status
19.4㎡33.3㎡540,000 KRWOccupied
212.2㎡36.2㎡640,000 KRWOccupied
311.3㎡35.3㎡590,000 KRWOccupied
49.0㎡33.0㎡560,000 KRWOccupied
59.4㎡33.3㎡540,000 KRWOccupied
612.2㎡36.2㎡590,000 KRWOccupied
710.4㎡34.3㎡570,000 KRWOccupied
  • Fixed Management Fee: Includes cleaning services for common spaces, security system, internet, water purifier, maintenance and repair costs, etc.
  • Leased Area: Exclusive area (private room) + Shared area (kitchen, shower room, toilet) + Common area (hallway, stairs)
  • Heating and Cooling: Floor heating with gas boiler per floor, individual air conditioning in each room
  • Women Only
  • Contract Period: 3 months or more 

Yongdu-dong House

Six households, an office, a neighborhood theater, and a local bookstore share this space. The architectural goal of this house is to explore the possibilities of urban community living through various activities. Despite its small size, the house operates various programs to welcome a diverse group of visitors. To achieve this, one-third of the total space is allocated for communal use. The shared spaces include the neighborhood theater, kitchen, small library, bookstore, and local study room. The ground-floor local bookstore transforms throughout the day and night, serving as a connecting medium between the residents and the local community. During the day, it functions as a café cum bookstore, and by night, it becomes a library or common room for the residents. This setup fosters organic connections between one's own and the neighbor's living spaces, dreaming of a living environment that encourages cooperation and solidarity.

  • Location: 19, Anam-ro 6-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul (Yongdu-dong)
  • 1st Floor: Local Bookstore
  • Basement 1: Yongdu-dong House Neighborhood Theater
  • 2nd Floor: Shared Kitchen, Office
  • 3rd Floor: Shared Library, Shared Laundry Room
  • 3rd to 5th Floor: Community Housing for Six Households


Self-Operated Programs




We are initiating a neighborhood bookstore to foster new knowledge exchange within the community. Books used in classes, as well as those received through donations and consignment, are freely available for reading groups, browsing, and purchasing at the bookstore. A selection committee chooses the books to be placed in the store, aiming to create a platform for sharing generated and discussed materials, both free and paid.

Yongdu-dong House 

Neighborhood Theater

This program includes performances for neighbors and a variety of workshops conducted with them. Participants can create theatrical pieces from their stories, enjoy casual gatherings or movie screenings, and even attend yoga classes.
Neighborhood SchoolOpen sessions include reading study rooms and topic-specific study rooms. Classes and workshops span a wide range of subjects such as theater, drawing, psychology, sociology, economics, architecture, design, and art. Courses are prepared for all age groups, and everyone is welcome to participate.


Research Institute

Neighborhood Research Institute project explores the theme “Voice of Neighborhood: What We Really Want,” researching what the people in our area (network church) truly desire. This initiative aims to enhance participants' autonomy, ownership, and expertise in the research theme and process. The research itself becomes a learning and growth experience, conveying the authentic voices of various stakeholders related to our lives.