Junglim Foundation is dedicated to fostering the growth and broadening the reach of architectural culture.


As a facilitator and hub for architectural culture, spanning a wide range of areas including media, publishing, research, and education, we collaborate with various partners to continue our projects. Through forums and Architecture Newspaper, we discuss and document the thoughts and practices of contemporary architecture. Junglim Architecture Award for Students and Off-Architecture Department explore the broad spectrum of architecture as a foundation for both research and academic pursuits. Architecture School operates a variety of educational programs under the motto of “education through architecture,” making architecture accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Through our varied projects, we contribute to shaping the discourse in architecture, ensuring the socio-cultural aspects of architecture are embedded in society.


Junglim Foundation is open to collaboration and welcomes cooperation. Feel free to ask any questions about us. We will respond promptly to inquiries and suggestions.

Executive Office

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  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (KST)
  • 19, Jahamun-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03044)
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Board of Directors

  • Hyoungkook Kim, Chairman / CPL of Junglim Architecture, Representative of Hanabok DNA Network, Chairman of the Bright Foundation
  • Junghyun Park, Director / Architectural Critic, Former Editor-in-Chief of Mati Books
  • Hyungjae Lee, Director / Advisor of Junglim Architecture, Former Professor at Catholic Kwandong University
  • Sookhee Chun, Director / Representative of WISE Architecture
  • Hyuna Chung, Director / Representative of Dia Architecture
  • Jaewon Cho, Director / Representative of 0_1 Studio
  • Jaeseung Hong, Director / Representative of PLAT/FORM Architects
  • Hoyun Choi, Auditor / Representative of Accounting Firm Duham

History of Junglim Foundation

January 2023Start of “Off-Architecture Department”
October 2022 Awarded the Prime Minister’s Commendation on the 18th Architecture Day
July 2022Second phase of “Architecture School” (MOU signed with LG Arts Center)
April 2021 Transition of “Architecture Newspaper” to web publication
March 2021 Exhibition Border-less.site (Culture Station Seoul 284)
September 2018 Opening of the community housing “Yongdu-dong House”
August 2018 Started the renewal of forum series
May 2018 Collaboration for the 16th Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion exhibition Spectres of the State Avant-garde
December 2017 Exhibition Nextopia (On-ground Gallery)
December 2017 Transition of “Architecture Newspaper” to book publication
July 2016 Exhibition New Shelters: Architectural Proposals for Refugees (Arko Art Center)
March 2016 Exhibition Neighborhood Bookstore, 100 Books
May 2015 Initiative for the interdisciplinary creative collaboration project: Mr.Pavilion is coming to Town (Co-planned with the Arts Council Korea)
April 2015 Forum series Facets of Korean Contemporary Architecture (Co-planned with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea)
December 2014 Exhibition Co-living Scenarios (Co-planned with the Seoul Museum of Art)
November 2013 Opening of the share house “Tongui-dong House”
September 2013 Start of the forum series Project One
September 2013 Opening of the multi-cultural space “Roundabout”
March 2012 Start of “Architecture School” (Co-planned with the Arts Council Korea)
March 2012 Inauguration of “Junglim Architecture Awards for Students”
April 2012 Launch of “Architecture Newspaper”
April 2011 Establishment of Junglim Foundation