Junglim Architecture Awards for Students serves as a collaborative research platform, enabling university students to envision, investigate, and design the urban landscape and architecture of the near future, closely intertwined with societal needs. Starting in 2005 at Junglim Architecture and extending through five iterations until 2009, the Junglim Foundation has taken the initiative since 2012, following a brief hiatus. The awards seek tangible ideas and visions grounded in contemporary society and spaces. It aims to unravel architectural creativity to address emerging phenomena and challenges of the new era, bridging various disciplines. Beyond a conventional competition, it cultivates a space where jurors, mentors, participants, and audiences can engage in learning and exploring together.


Previous Themes

  • 2024    Everybody’s Home: Today’s Architecture for Tomorrow’s Earth
  • 2023    Tailored Sanctuaries, Travels of Diversity
  • 2022    Koreaness Now
  • 2021    Nocturnal Library
  • 2020    Peace Cooperation Era, Vision of the Han River
  • 2019    Appropriate Technologies for Youth Housing
  • 2018    Our Neighborhood Blue House
  • 2017    New Possibilities in University Housing
  • 2016    Architecture in Times of Disaster
  • 2015    Porous Rainbow Cake City
  • 2014    The Space for Me: Micro-customization
  • 2013    Everyday Architecture: Architecture for Restoring the Relationship between Life and Space
  • 2012    Boutique Hotel Designs and Scenarios

Themes before 2010

  • 2009    Mythical Metamorphosis
  • 2008    The City as a Cultural Factory
  • 2007    Urban Everydayness 
  • 2006    Tradition and Modernity
  • 2005    Looking for Poetic Elements